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PUWER 1998 Regs and Pallet Racking

Date Added 10/05/2017

As we should all know pallet racking is a piece of work equipment, so it has to comply with PUWER 1998 regulations. "Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998."

Therefore it must be installed, maintained and inspected by suitably competent person. 

Storage Design Ltd work to SEIRS, SEMA and OEM standards for all our installations. On some sites our customers will have seen us literally working by the book.  The book being the OEM Installation & Design Manual.

We have undertaken training for:

  • SEIRS ' Site Supervisor Course'
  • SEIRS 'Advanced Cource'
  • SEIRS ' Mezzanine Course'
  • SEIRS 'Skills Course'
  • SEMA 'Rack Safety Inspection Course'
  • IPAF 'Scissor and Boom Lift Operator'
  • RTITB 'Fork Truck Operator'

Something we find shocking is there are companies installing pallet racking that do not install to the OEM, Original Equipment Manufacturers standards or installation instructions.

Today 10-05-2017 I viewed a brand new pallet racking installation where all the end frames have been installed the wrong way around - obviously installed by a person who is not competent.  Having gone out of my way to advise the warehouse management of this non compliance, I was shocked by their lack of concern.  If there is an accident in that warehouse the HSE will be very litigious as the racking is not installed to OEM standards.  

It may look like a nice job to an un-trained eye but to us it's a shocking disaster.

Pallet racking frames have a front and back orientation - this is specified by the OEM and will be shown in their installation manual. If an installer cannot get this correct it rings alarm bells as to what other problems they may have created for the customer.

Whats the issue you may ask: While the actual frame loading may be unaffected, the 'impact' resitance may well be, therefore the risk is higher.  Manufacturers have racking 'designed & tested' based on specific design and installation requirements therefore any installation must be designed and installed to the same specifcation.

Out of respect of the customer and OEM we are not naming names or brands. 

PUWER 1998 Regs and Pallet Racking