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Rollies are Containers on Mini Wheels

Date Added 12/05/2017

Rollies are Containers on Mini Wheels

Quite often there is a requirement to place plastic containers at floor level below or under the first shelf in a storage system.

In this example to aid the ergonomics of pulling out, pushing back under, we have fixed mini castor wheels to the underside of the plastic containers.

This design only lifts the container by 34mm.

We have supplied similar mobile containers into Hospitals, by being mobile it allows for quick access with minimal effort. It also improves housekeeping procedures as the containers can be easily pulled out and the areas can be cleaned with minimal effort.

By not having a lower shelf there is a cost saving which offsets the costs of the castors. So there is a benefit of a better system with minimal extra cost.

The containers in this application are 400x300x270mm and 600x400x270mm. We have done similar for larger containers 800x600x420mm but using a heavier duty roller track. 

If you have a requirement we are always happy to quote.

Rollies are Containers on Mini Wheels