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VTO Linbin Shelf Trays

Date Added 15/05/2017

VTO Linbin Trays have all the qualities of the famous Linbins plus a few of their own, like the ingenious end stop. This fits to the back of the tray and prevents travel beyond the shelf edge. There is also a moulded end stop which keeps the tray at a convenient angle for picking. There are index cards at the back of the trays, as well as the front to make stock picking quick and accurate. These features can save a lot of wasted time, help with quicker access to stock and aid safety.

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Make better use of space
Linbin Trays give more storage for a given space. The 400mm deep trays have provision for six dividers giving up to seven separate storage compartments and the 500mm trays can be divided into as many as nine individual compartments.

Linbin Trays are designed to fit automated carrousel machines and robotic picking systems.
All are made in an attractive blue colour which doesn’t show up finger-marks so your storage will remain looking smart.

There are six different sizes of Linbin Trays designed to suit the range of Linspace shelving, but you can, of course, use these trays with any storage system.
Simply order in packs of 10 or 20 (dependant on size) from below, for the the best selling, most popular tray sizes which are all supplied complete with free identification labels.

Linbin Trays
Size L x W x H     Qty    Order
400 x 94 x 80       20     VTOPK1
400 x 188 x 80     10     VTOPK2
400 x 188 x 115   10     VTOPK3
500 x 94 x 80        20     VTOPK4
500 x 188 x 80     10     VTOPK5
500 x 188 x 115   10     VTOPK6
Each pack is supplied with labels

1 Tough polypropylene for long life

2 Unique structural design keeps permanent shape 

3 Card holders front and rear, for faster accurate picking 

4 Supplied with identification cards 

5 Positive pull grip for safe and comfortable handling 

6 Can be sub-divided for different items 

7 End stops hold tray at convenient angle 

8 Optional wire end stops prevent travel beyond shelf edge

9 Smooth interior - easy to keep clean

10 Designed for Automated and Robotic Systems 

VTO Linbin Shelf Trays