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Pallet racking Load data and Beam Load Labels

Date Added 13/04/2018

To comply with industry standards, OEM and HSE, it is important to dispay LOAD DATA SIGNS on pallet racking.

When using pallet racking with different beam load capcities it is important to identify the different profiles and display each different load capacity.

Storage Design Limited use additional BEAM LOAD LABELS at the start and end of each run to correctly identify the beam load capacities. 

There are many factors which effect the load capacity, pallet racking is a dynamic structure, by altering its configuration the beam and frame loading is changed.

There are some applications where a pallet racking structure has to be 'down rated', such as: single bays, single beam levels, exsesive height to first beam level,   due to this any alterations should always be referred to OEM design manual and undertaken by qualified trained installers.

We can provide blank load data signs or completed load data signs provided the pallet racking system has been inspected and maintained to industry standards. (If the racking is potentially not fit for purpose we will decline to supply load data signs !)

Pallet racking Load data and Beam Load Labels