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Another warehouse completed

Date Added 13/04/2018

For this project we have supplied and installed a 'USED PALLET RACKING' system.

This meant the pallet racking was supplied on schedule and on budget.

This was for a heavy engineering stores, so the cosmetic finish was not critical BUT when this was viewed by the customer they actually thought we had supplied new product as it looked so good !!   Great to have a compliment like this.

All of the beams had labels removed and the beam faces had been lightly re spray painted to look new in original yellow.

All of the frames had been re-worked 'passed over work bench', so there were no damaged components, the uprights also had a re-spray to look like new.  

As a heavy engineering store we supplied 2500kgs beams, Link51 profile type B105ZC , complete with close boarded 32mm timber decks, this was also supplied with Heavy Duty end frames, Link51 profile type HH complete with HD foot plate type B3 all double bolted down to the floor.  As this was installed on an old floor we used genuine Link51 type B3 levelling shims to make frames vertical, as required.  

If you have a project like this please give us a call.




Another warehouse completed