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Identification and names of Link pallet racking parts

Date Added 11/01/2019

Many people struggle to describe or identify the component parts of pallet racking.

We have added a PDF which shows these parts for correct identification.

This is for the Link51 pallet racking systems, other makes may use different terms.

Link51 Component Parts Name
A     Frame Upright Post
B     Frame Bracing Tie (H = horizontal)
C     Frame Bracing Tie (D = diagonal)
D     Bolted Frame Joining Unit
E     Frame Foot Plates & Anchors
F     Stepped Beam
G     Box Beam
H     Beam Locking Pin (2 per beam)
I      Rack Run Spacer (fixed)
J     Rack Run Spacer (adjustable)
K    Upright Protectors & Anchors
L     Chipboard Shelving
M    Shelf Cladding Support for Box Beams
N    Cladding Location Bracket
O    Shelf Cladding Support for Stepped Beams
P    Wire Beam Tie for Stepped Beams
Q    Steel Shelf Panel
R    Pallet Support Bar
S    Coil Cradle
T    Pallet Foot Support
U   Drum Chock
V   Fork Spacer
W   Safety Sign (Not shown.)

>> Click Web link to view PDF document <<


Identification and names of Link pallet racking parts