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Upgrade pallet racking with timber decks

Date Added 22/01/2019

We have been upgrading pallet racking with timber decking.

This application required a bespoke design of timber deck to locate into old imperial 915mm depth Dexion Mark3 pallet racking which may be replaced at a future time with an imperial 1100mm depth frame, to suit this the decks have 3 timber battens to the underside to suit the 915mm and 1100mm depth end frames.

These timber decks are also 1200mm in depth providing 100% support for the Euro pallets or CHEP equivalent pallets.

Having timber decks greatly improves safety within the warehouse, as the risk of pallets collapsing or dropping is greatly reduced.

DECKING image 1: <Click to View Larger Image>

DECKING image 2: <Click to View Larger Image> 

We can design and manufacture to almost any size and load capacity.

Tanilised timber decks for storage outside. << Click to view.>>

Extra depth timber decks for carpet or role stoage << Click to view>>

Heavy duty decks can be close boarded in thicker timber <<click to view>>


Upgrade pallet racking with timber decks